About Heer

Every women wants to be a better version of herself !

So do I.

And what better way than enhancing the beauty with my makeup skills, learning the mesmerising art of makeup and creativity of colours. creativity has always had the effect of hypnotism on me. I did my bachelors in Media and Communications and my majors in Graphic Design.
I have always had the passion for makeup and beauty and the eagerness to go in depth in it. But I did not get a chance to get to it earlier, though with the love and support of all my loved ones , who pushed me to get back in there and spruce up with my passion and love for makeup and creativity.
I have always wondered what is common between graphic design and makeup, something that I really loved but never could particularly pin point. Eventually I realised it was the creativity and the colours, how the mixture and playing around with these two things could give an illusion of things and same can be done to our faces and bodies as well.
Makeup gives confidence to every women. Which does not mean they hide behind makeup, what it means is that they enhance their beauty with makeup and enhance what is their best part. It makes women and the others who love makeup feel powerful and phenomenal.

“Give a women the right makeup and she can conquer the world” – Charlotte Tilbury

I am an entrepreneur who has the will to enter the world with her passions and see where it could take her. I want to share my inspirations and experiences with all you people as well as learn from your inspirations and experiences. By experimenting with the trends and what I like, I want to recreate what is given to us in the makeup and beauty industry.
My blogs, reviews and suggestions are all genuine and honest and based on my experiences with them. Though it can differ from people to people based on their skin types and textures.

“Makeup is a one size fits all” – Patrickstarrr

Thank you all for your love and support.