Every makeup tool is important and has more than one use. Just like that, our makeup spoolie AKA mascara wands has many benefits and therefore, is very important to have a lot of them in our makeup vanities. You can buy the disposable mascara wands in bulk from a supply store or from Sephora.

Specially, for makeup artists who have a lot of clients everyday or even just generally, everyone who applies makeup for others need to stack up on disposable mascara wands for hygiene reasons and also for the many benefits it gives us. It is not used just for the eyes but for many other things which we will list down shortly.

We say hygiene reasons not to offend any client or customer but for their and everyone else’s safety. Every client needs to know that the change of mascara wands, even if it happens in front of them or is thrown in the bin in front of them, it is not something offending but a good habit to stay fresh and hygienic.

Here is a list of some of the uses of disposable mascara wands:

  • Eyebrows – Obviously, by now we all know that these spoolies are used for grooming our eyebrows, blending and brushing the penciled or powdered eyebrow products for a clean and finished look.


  • Eyelashes – According to Cosmetologists, it is very important to change the mascara wands clients after clients or sometimes even avoiding the same wand the second time in the product. The reason being, it prevents nasty eye infections because our eyelashes protect germs and bacterias from getting in our eyes, which means, when you use the same wand in the product and then apply it on other client’s eyelashes, there would be chances of cross contamination. Therefore, it is always better to use different wands all the time.
  • Lips – These spoolies are used to exfoliate your lips before applying a lipstick. You can do this by applying an oil or a balm to your lips, and scrubbing it lightly with the spoolie so that it removes dead skin and gives your lips a perfect pouty finish.
  • Baby hair – We all do have that baby hair sticking out when we want to take a picture or some flyaway broken hair which messes up our looks. You can simply smooth it down by apply a hairspray on the spoolie and brush away those hair.


  • Nails – Use the spoolie to lightly exfoliate the dry nails before applying a nail polish. this will give you a clean smooth polish without any bumps.

Thank you for all your love and support! If you guys know of more uses, do let us know in the comments.

Content and Photo Courtesy Cosmopolitan




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