On March 8 2016, International Women’s Day, Facebook launched a campaign #SheMeansBusiness with the goal of supporting, empowering and celebrating the female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.

When women succeed, we all win.

When women do better, economies do better. That’s why Facebook is celebrating women who have built and run businesses, and delivering resources to help those who might one day do so themselves.

Because the next successful entrepreneur could be anyone. She could even be you.

According to The National, Ms Sarah Beydoun of Sarah’s Bag was among dozens of women from the region who attended an event last week to celebrate the launch of a new initiative from Facebook called #SheMeansBusiness, which supports female entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa.

The initiative has partnered with UAE organisations such as Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa), Emirates Foundation and Egypt’s Ahead of the Curve to train 10,000 women in a year via workshops, training sessions and online resources to equip female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, connections, skills and technology required to build and grow their business online. Facebook has had 70 per cent growth in the number of women setting up businesses on the platform in the past year, according to Nicola Mendelsohn, vice president for Eur­ope, the Middle East and Africa (Emea) at Facebook.

“Today on Facebook there are 65 million business pages. And the wonderful thing is it’s free. Anyone can set up a business for free on Facebook and you can start to reach the people that matter to you,” she says.

According to recent estimates, if women’s participation in labor markets in the MENA equaled that of men’s, the regional GDP could rise by 47% over the next decade, and the MENA could realize $600 billion in economic impact annually ($2.7 trillion by 2025). (Source – McKinsey report)

Global GDPA new McKinsey Global Institute report finds that $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality.


Female ownersA study shows that women own more than 300,000 small and medium enterprises in MENA, about 1/3 of the more than 1m SMEs in the regional economy.


63%of Saudi women have unregistered yet successful businesses, and rely on mobile phones and personal computers to do business.


2/3Two-thirds of governmental employees in the UAE are female.

58%The UAE has had a 58% increase in female entrepreneurs…in just 4 years.


InstagramHalf of Instagram users in Saudi Arabia are women using it for business.


Increasing numbers of womenThe number of Saudi women in the workforce has risen, from a very low base, and in 2014 reached 1.2 million (18%) of the female working-age population.


Women in GovernmentThe UAE was the first in the region to make female representation in all governmental boards mandatory.


Reduce the Gender GapThe B20 Employment Taskforce, with AT Kearney, determined reducing the gender gap by 25% added 12% to the total OECD economy by 2030.

Sarah’s Bag says its international expansion corresponded with the rise of social media.

“We rode this wave and it was very impactful for us. People got to know us from Instagram,” says Ms Beydoun. “We were able to connect to new retailers from Instagram and Facebook. We were able to connect to influencers – very important in the fashion world. The fashion world is very visual, so any picture you post is a chance to sell the product.”

And as an experienced entrepreneur with a successful business, Ms Beydoun sees #SheMeansBusiness as a chance to give back. Having worked with female prisoners and sold bags to women at the other side of the spectrum, she has learnt a lot about how women can use their talents to make a success of their lives.

“When you see this whole spectrum you realise that the most important thing for a woman is to be productive and financially independent,” she adds.

We can all join this wonderful campaign and support each other. You can get all the details from their website https://shemeansbusiness.fb.com/ae/

Thank you all for your love and support!

Content Courtesy Shemeansbusiness.fb.com









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