Pink Power – Beauty Blender!

Rea Ann Silva is the founder of Beauty Blender. She started her career as makeup artist in 1993 and from then on worked with celebrities, famous photographers, beauty magazines like Vanity Fair and Essence.


Rea Ann Silva and her daughter @watcherica

In 2002, she came up with the concept of original pink Beauty Blender which has changed the makeup application tools today. In 2003, the famous Beauty Blender was incorporated and it is by far one of the most favourite and important makeup applicator for all the makeup artists and even the people who use makeup in their day to day lives.

In 2013, Beauty blender won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award for the 5th time with the original Pink Beauty Blender. She also featured in New York Times Style section and won the “Fastest Growing Company” Award.


The texture of the beauty blender is super soft, it can be used dry but when you wet the sponge and use it for apply foundation, it gives a flawless finish. Beauty blenders can be used to apply liquid foundations, powders, eyeshadows, creams, and even skin care products.

“17 Beauty Blenders are sold every minute”, according to the International Marketing Director of Beauty Blender.

Now for the fun part – check out this challenge posed by the vlogger Selena Faye for the women all around the world to text their boyfriends the picture of a beauty blender and ask them what they think it is. All of these are hilarious!

Good going!


Egg :’))



Stress ball!!


That’s kind of creative – klown nose!








Bravo!!! hahaha!


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Photo Courtesy Beauty Blender



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