This is not a product review. This blog is about the most stunning and diligent makeup artist Pat McGrath. She first launched her product on October 2015, which was the Gold 001 pigments, gradually came the Phantom 002 eyeshadows and Skin Fetish 003 highlighter.

Gold 001

By 2016, she came out with Lust 004 and Metamorphosis everything kit 005. All of these are her master creations and absolutely stunning. They all come as kits which, even if you are not a makeup artist, will ignite the artist in you. And their packaging is amazing!


Phantom 002

“We can wear everything,” McGrath told ESSENCE. “And we do. And I do believe that one good thing about social media is it has helped support that idea.It’s just an amazing tool for beauty, for the fact you get to see everything on everybody.

Skin Fetish 003

According to McGrath via a release, “Gold 001 looks like pure metal, foil, gilding, brilliance. I have been working in the labs for years to see a pigment with this finish – I knew once I touched it that it was major; there is something magnificent about its pure form that leaves me breathless.”

Lust 004

Metamorphosis Everything Kit 005

I personally have been perplexed by her utter artistic talent that she has applied in the products as well as the supermodels and celebrities. Pat McGrath has been previewing her products in fashion week ever since 2015 and this NYFW she has given a sneak peak of her new blue eyeshadow but it has not been confirmed yet. So stay tuned to be updated on it.


The sneak peak at NYFW 2017

“Today’s woman, for us, beauty is about trying new things,” says McGrath. “It’s about trying something different.”

Photo credits from Pat McGrath and Getty images

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  1. luluspalette says:

    Thankyou for a great post about an artist I didn’t know about and a fabulous read about her makeup and how utterly amazing it is… Like she quoted, if not for social media, we wouldn’t be able to see all these beautiful products , techniques and courage to try different things

    Liked by 1 person

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