Blind ’em all with your Glitter!

We have all heard about this saying OLD IS GOLD, from our friends, family, relatives, neighbours and many other people. It is definitely true, and we are seeing it in our day-to-day lives, how things are being inspired from olden days and with a little twist and turn becoming the most popular thing today.

For example, the color books for adults. Who would have thought we could all color again without being embarrassed about what someone might think, the games from our childhood have been modified like monopoly and other games which have become digital and so much more. One such example is GLITTERS.

Glitters are booming in the makeup and fashion industries today. Who would have thought they would come back with a bang. This trend of glitters remind us of our childhood but it has modified more and become chicer and sexier than before. Thanks to our most prestigious brands for making it happen.

Glitters have been experimented in various ways today and they all look glam. There are glitter eyeliners, glitter eye pencils, glitter eyeshadows and glitter lipsticks as well.

Let’s check out some of the beautiful brands and examples:


Photo courtesy Stila cosmetics

These are Magnificent Metal Glitter and Glow eyeshadows in the form of liquid and they are bomb right now. They come in 10 beautiful shades and are so pearly and light-weight. You won’t have any fall outs and they are just so amazing. Checkout how stunning @nikkietutorials looks in the Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metal Glitter and Glow eyeshadow.


Photo courtesy Urban Decay

Urban Decay is completely into glitter. They have beautiful liquid moondust eyeshadows which are super easy to apply and very creamy. They have glitter eyeliners for those who don’t want to cover their eyelids with glitter. Their glitter eyeshadows are lightweight and gives a 3d effect, it’s perfect for a glam event. And their glitter eyeliners are in the gel form so they are very smooth and easy to apply. It doesn’t budge so you don’t have to worry about it not lasting through the evening.


Photo courtesy MAC cosmetics

Mac gives us glitters that have a high-level sparkle effect on our face, body or hair. A classic company whose products are used not only for heavy makeup on the face but also for body art, hair color and so much more. They stick very well to the skin but you have to be careful in applying to the face as you don’t want the glitter to get into your eyes.They also have dazzling lip glosses and lipsticks which look stunning when applied. Mac glitters are the favourite at the backstage shows and can either be worn alone or blended well with other products.


Photo courtesy Makeupforever

Makeup forever has a range of glitters, which are used for catwalks and fashion shows as well. They also have loose skin jewels which can be applied to different parts of the body for creative photoshoots. You can apply them using false lash glue and a tweezer. Their glitters are lightweight with beautiful sparkles and they add glamour to any kind of makeup whether on face, hair or body. They have recently come out with star powders which are ultra fine powders and they literally radiate extreme brilliance when applied. It can be used wet or dry.


Photo courtesy NYX cosmetics

NYX cosmetics is a drug store brand with affordably luxurious products. For all those who don’t want to put their money on expensive products because they might not need so much or not have so much use of it, but still love glitter – they can go for NYX glitters. NYX even gives glitter primers for a perfect finished and sparkly look.

Thank you guys ! Stay tuned for more and do let me know what you want me to post about or give a review on.







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