Product Review : Tarte Cosmetics

If you have a dry skin, oily skin or a combination skin – your daily go to and your saved-the-day kind of product is definitely from TARTE.

Tarte cosmetics come up with amazing beauty and makeup products, and it feels like you don’t really have to worry if you have their products on for long. They are very hydrating, organic, light and creamy. 

Some of the products I have tried and really love on day-to-day basis are :

  1. Tarte Skincare Products

    First things first, the skincare products from tarte cosmetics are amazing. You guys should try them out. Specially for people who are too sensitive to makeup and even those who need to apply makeup everyday, whether it is heavy or light.

    Performing these skin care routines from tarte will hydrate your skin, and give them all the nutrients they needs.  You can try these out before makeup as they settle your skin and moisture them.

  • The frxxxtion stick – it’s an exfoliation facial cleansing stick, they are vegan friendly formula. It smoothens your skin and gives out a glowy skin.
  • Pack your bags 911 undereye rescue patches – as the name suggests these are for your under eyes, and they are extremely soothing and cooling for your eyes, when you haven’t had enough sleep or your eyes have puffiness and dark circles. They are very moisturising and relaxing.
  • Drink of h20 hydrating boost moisturizer – this is a very light weight hydrating gel you can apply on your face when you have come home from a long day. It will give you a cooling, relaxing effect on your face and rehydrated your face.

    Well there are many more products you must try from tarte cosmetics, specially for skin care and these are my top 3 products.


2. A flawless base

Who doesn’t want a beautiful and flawless base when they have to go out a special even or occasion or rather even on normal days – the Amazonian clay foundations are bomb. They are 12 hour foundation with spf 15 and they are made with mineral pigments which soothes your skin. They are very easy blend and light when you apply.

*Tarte has also come out with amazing Rainforest of the sea foundations which is definitely a must try.


3. Shape tape concealors

These concealors are like celebrities now, everyone knows them and talks about them everywhere. this is a concealor which has amazing coverage , you can even contour and highlight with these concealors. They are light weight, yet moisturizing and hydrating. And the best part is that it is crease-free! You apply that on your dark spots or highlight zones and quickly blend them with a blending sponge.


4.  Tartiest pro Amazonian clay palette

Another one of their amazing products is this eyeshadow palette. First of all they smell amazing, I literally felt like eating it all up ! These shades are super creamy, very easily blendable and off course amazing pigments. They are long wear eyeshadows, and suits all skin types and shades.


This one here is a definite must-have. But then all the products from tarte cosmetics are and belive me you have to try them ones. This is a completely non sponsored blog and so it is all the more reason to go get these products.

If you have reached till here in this long blog of mine , Thank you very much for your patience and support.

Do let me know in the comments if there is anything you would like me to share.

Thank you so much beauties!

Photo Courtesy by Tartecosmetics



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